“I felt completely welcomed. The overall service was above and beyond what was needed.”

“Dr. Diehl is a caring and thorough doctor. He has been my doctor since 1995. He treats me with respect and excellent care. He explains everything to me in terms that I can understand. I like his approach to my care.”

“Referred to Dr Forstall by Dr Crawford. Impressed with both men as well as the office and nursing staff. I feel all efforts are being made to ensure I receive the best care and understand my options. Thanks!”

“Dr Almony is my absolute hero and takes such good care of me and my needs.”

“Every time I come in to have my “pacemaker” checked, you are so kind to me and always treat me with respect. As we get older, as I am, people seem to treat us like we should be thrown out with the trash, but never you. I know as soon as I see you I’ll be met with a smile. “

“The staff is always friendly and provides the fastest and best service possible within any circumstance.”

“I have always been treated with good care and respect. I have very seldom had to change my appointment. I go in every month for pro time and have always been taken care of professionally”

“Could not ask for any better treatment from everyone there. I appreciate everyone of you”

“I think Dr. Almony is a great provider. He is very thorough and thoughtful. His staff is always courteous and friendly and helpful.”

“The staff and my doctor always do a great job I WOULD NOT BE HERE WITHOUT THEM!!!”

“I never could have asked for a better doctor and staff. You all have been very professional and I will tell everyone how well I was treated and cared for.”

“Excellent care!”

“(Patient Name) thought the world rose and set in you. He wouldn’t let anyone else anywhere do the testing of his pacemaker. Shannon, you made (patient name) feel important. You were always genuine in your feelings for him and his health. I thank you for this. I’m sure this is how you treat all of your patients. May God bless you and your lovely family.”